jenipher msiko
jenipher M.
Derrick served us very well, the best ever. Services perfect 👌👌👌
Fred Koloka
Fred K.
Best hotel in cbd of Mombasa. Got self-service and waiters on board too.
M ALy Ahmed
M ALy A.
The most consistent restaurant in terms of class and food quality...Its been amongst the top restaurants for a very long time!
Cecilia opondo
Cecilia O.
We walked in for a dessert with my son,had an amazing experience the waiter Derrick,when he leant it was my son's birthday,they organised a very nice surprise ,we loved the evening,God bless you all.Long live bluebook.
Allan Stockman Rugano
Allan Stockman R.
Good for having a breakfast with friends
So far to me you guys have the best pizza in mombasa even though it arrived cold on delivery but the taste is so amazing Mashallah can't imagine having it at the restaurant keep it up
Markus Goerke
Markus G.
Der Milchshake sowie der House Coffee ist empfehlenswert, besser als in vielen 5* Hotels, die leider nur Instantkaffee kennen.
Kigo Kareithi
Kigo K.
Have been coming to Blue room for a long time. Never disappoints. Good quantity & quality portions. Wide selection. Great restaurant. Highly recommended.
Munene Njeru
Munene N.
Clean, spacious, delicious meals and surpebly blended and brewed hot and cold beverages
A-Star Sabina
A-Star S.
This is my favourite spot in Mombasa. The attendants are amazing. Very polite and helpful. The FOOD, my goodness, AMAZING! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who's in Mombasa.
Simeon Mnyika Zealot
Simeon Mnyika Z.
it's a nice experience. we were well served by Violet.i recommend it
Shabbir Hasham
Shabbir H.
A Great Option If You're In A Rush. Good Food And Decent Service.
Moiro Mosiori
Moiro M.
Cool place friendly customer service and delicious meals and drinks
Sophia Omar
Sophia O.
Loved the service provided, the food quantity was remarkable and very tasty. I ordered Delta Fries, loved it. Got a birthday cake of my choice as a birthday gift. I also earned 100+ points in the app through the order. Definitely 10/10.
Zeenat Wangara
Zeenat W.
I loved this restaurant. Our waiter was very kind and accommodating. The food was also very tasty and fresh. The ambience was lovely. The live band...👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Ulla Boga
Ulla B.
ice cream ..brings me here..cassata...oh my oh my
Mercy Wanjiku
Mercy W.
5 star ⭐ quality at affordable prices.
Lydia Nancy Kihu
Lydia Nancy K.
Always been a favourite for over 10years now
vallery Akinyi
vallery A.
Derrick was friendly and concerned,,excellent service
Pamela Kurn Smith
Pamela Kurn S.
A little slice of America in CBD Mombasa, this restaurant has ice cream, American & International food. Wonderful spot to meet a friend for coffee, lunch or a snack. Prices similar to America.
Chicco Mazrui
Chicco M.
The waiters and waitress are friendly ,the food is delicious and affordable.
Munira Pall
Munira P.
The ambience is excellent food is delicious many varieties, and service is very good.
Sharon Maiga
Sharon M.
Amazing atmosphere, great hospitality from Derrick his really patient, informative and great communication skills.
Jesuit Red brigades
Jesuit Red B.
DERRICK -very friendly and professional
Alicia Benjamin
Alicia B.
Great staff, food and atmosphere 👊🏾
فضل حميد
فضل ح.
very cozy place and peaceful serene with a la carte services.
George aim
George A.
Derrick is amazing waiter. He is professional in his line of service. Bravo Derrick.
Burhanuddin Walijee
Burhanuddin W.
One of the best breakfast spots in all of old town. Would recommend the English breakfast. Service is very good and wait time is moderate.
After crossing the ferry came to spend some extra time before my appointment. I had a cake that tasted ordinary. (And was surprisingly large piece. Was hoping to share it with someone.) Hot chocolate was good.Staff were friendly and service was relevantly quick. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Facilities are beautiful. Music was pleasant, being my own it was loud enough to entertain but wouldn’t have disturb conversation either.Loved how I was asked loyalty card and was given opportunity to download the app. Today their app had some difficulties to work but they served me well and were patient till it worked.
Anyumba Washington
Anyumba W.
Superb customer service all the time.
Go to place for the famous Mombasa chocolate tarts, though I also enjoyed a cup of hot masala chai and a plate of maru bhajiyas.
Wesley Tinga
Wesley T.
Great ice cream I have been in love with this mom used to take me here for ice cream. I always drop by whenever am in town
Sue Kim
Sue K.
The service was lovely..... Derrick the waiter was superb👌👌
Tysird Maawy
Tysird M.
Very good and you keep on improving every day
catherine maloba
catherine M.
The service Iwas wow served by Deric
brenda chao
brenda C.
Derrick's service was top notch.kudos to him
Legacy Maker
Legacy M.
absolutely delight gem of a place awesome to chill and enjoy the exquisite delicacies.... I just love BR
Diana Charo
Diana C.
This place is a vibe . Services are great and they can do better on food though. The chips masala that I ordered were not hot and weren't as tasty as I had imagined.I can go to this place 😄 anytime cause it's accessible and both indoor and ,( what I would call outdoor 😂😂) is very great, with the screens and the soft music.
Winnie Mwikali
Winnie M.
Yummy yummy the right place when you are in msa
Pretty Good
Pretty G.
Great customer service by derrick.So professional and kind.
Mohamed Tagiya
Mohamed T.
its amazing kind service and delicious meal
CL Moses
Love the portion sizes and the service was fantastic!
Anna Krits
Anna K.
I grew up with Blue room...literally .For me ice cream is not ice cream unless it is from Blue room.Every item on their menu is delicious.I love Blue room and I always will.
Intisar Maher Antar
Intisar Maher A.
OH Man Their pizza is to die for.crunchy crust, so cheesy and delicious..
Lorrine Cira Waithira
Lorrine Cira W.
Friendly service, Great food all at affordable rates
George Ouko
George O.
Very interesting place to have a soft drinks
Naeem Dar
Naeem D.
Excellent food and service always.
Joseph Mwamburi
Joseph M.
The place is awesome. Excellent service and food. I enjoyed my Vanilla ice cream. A good meeting point at Mombasa CBD
Ann Ruguru
Ann R.
Everything is supper ��, from breakfast, the tea very nice, happy to be your customer.
kaka blaza
kaka B.
They have a wonderful waiter smile 😃 to customers and wonderful services
Mchoxy Dinhochev
Mchoxy D.
Accesible location, clean and classy place, comfort food.
Charlie Nyambu
Charlie N.
Good ambience and friendly staff.
Nazneen Nadim
Nazneen N.
The choc-nut special .anytime ice cream 🍨
Daniel O Adwera
Daniel O A.
Within reach, family friendly and mostly best customer service
Bintis Ally
Bintis A.
lots of memories associated with here, beautiful ice cream
Maet Ole Kores
Maet Ole K.
A very nice place but needs to check on the prices.
jemimah nzale
jemimah N.
Well served by Derick... Liked his services....he's the best
chandrasekar uttiravadi
chandrasekar U.
Derrik taken care of the service very well
jennifer nzilu
jennifer N.
Served by derrick and let's say he was amazing and engaging
Josephine Lewis
Josephine L.
Service was excellent served by derick
Immy Ali Bhimani UW
Immy Ali Bhimani U.
Great chips, decor is top notch
Rosebell W Gideon
Rosebell W G.
I was so impressed by the banger and it was so tasty and sweet plus the waiters are very friendly.can't wait to go back for another one very soon
Peter Mwazighe
Peter M.
This is my favorite Blue Room. So Surreal
Emma Mugure
Emma M.
Derrick welcomed me well and the service was amazing, plus the food, fantastic!
Said Gande
Said G.
It is customer friendly to all.
Andrew Tumbo
Andrew T.
Derrick was a very warm attendant. His service was expectional and friendly. The ambience of the space was perfect and the food filling and tasty. Definitely would come back.
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