On point, you can't go wrong with their milkshake
Susan Maina
Susan M.
Fantastic customer care... Great place to chill from from the sun. Delicious meals
Michael Wayabila
Michael W.
Friendly service, Great food all at affordable rates
Lorrine Cira Waithira
Lorrine Cira W.
Great atmosphere, good food and presentation
Mohammed Kanpurwala
Mohammed K.
Great staff, food and atmosphere 👊🏾
Alicia Benjamin
Alicia B.
Accesible location, clean and classy place, comfort food.
Mchoxy Dinhochev
Mchoxy D.
Superb customer service all the time.
Anyumba Washington
Anyumba W.
OH Man Their pizza is to die for.crunchy crust, so cheesy and delicious..
Intisar Maher Antar
Intisar Maher A.
I grew up with Blue room...literally .For me ice cream is not ice cream unless it is from Blue room.Every item on their menu is delicious.I love Blue room and I always will.
Anna Krits
Anna K.
Excellent food and service always.
Naeem Dar
Naeem D.
The customer service is top notch! Love everything!
Salma Fuad
Salma F.
The choc-nut special .anytime ice cream 🍨
Nazneen Nadim
Nazneen N.
For the first time in Mombasa I experienced good customer Service in a restaurant 👏 I was served by a trainee waiter by the name Maureen her customer service was top notch 👌 from welcoming us at the entrance and to serving us all through. I was really wowed by her service 🥰. Keep it up.
Moureen Mumbi
Moureen M.
it's a nice experience. we were well served by Violet.i recommend it
Simeon Mnyika Zealot
Simeon Mnyika Z.
Yummy yummy the right place when you are in msa
Winnie Mwikali
Winnie M.
Lovely ambiance, good food. There pastries are tasty and the strawberry cheesecake a must have.
Joy K
Joy K
absolutely delight gem of a place awesome to chill and enjoy the exquisite delicacies.... I just love BR
Legacy Maker
Legacy M.
I like their Tropical Juice and the ambience.
Peter Kihara
Peter K.
This is my favourite spot in Mombasa. The attendants are amazing. Very polite and helpful. The FOOD, my goodness, AMAZING! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who's in Mombasa.
A-Star Sabina
A-Star S.
Best hotel in cbd of Mombasa. Got self-service and waiters on board too.
Fred Koloka
Fred K.
Fantastic service given by the waiter their Strawberry lemonade was amazing. Their pizza was also amazing, they have an amazing ambience I was impressed by the progress BlueRoom has made. Highly recommend any day
Foodie Travels Solo
Foodie Travels S.
Very cosy and has a beautiful ambient
Omar Ibrahim
Omar I.
A little slice of America in CBD Mombasa, this restaurant has ice cream, American & International food. Wonderful spot to meet a friend for coffee, lunch or a snack. Prices similar to America.
Pamela Kurn Smith
Pamela Kurn S.
Der Milchshake sowie der House Coffee ist empfehlenswert, besser als in vielen 5* Hotels, die leider nur Instantkaffee kennen.
Markus Goerke
Markus G.
Offers the best food and ice cream. Their samosa is to die for. Worth every penny.
Very good service the waiters were very kind and food tasted amazingly good must come if you're ever in Mombasa or likoni
rishi chheda
rishi C.
We did English breakfast. It was 100% perfect with all preparation and food presentation above board. I will recommend this place plus their service.
Komen Kiplagat
Komen K.
Great ambience. The food was great.
Timothy Kiarie
Timothy K.
Everything is supper ��, from breakfast, the tea very nice, happy to be your customer.
Ann Ruguru
Ann R.
Love the portion sizes and the service was fantastic!
CL Moses
Chicco Mazrui
Chicco M.
fancy,exotic ,easily accessible by road and good foodenjoy free wifi and wide range of recipefor pizza,ice cream and fast foods
The ambience is excellent food is delicious many varieties, and service is very good.
Munira Pall
Munira P.
Good ambience and friendly staff.
Charlie Nyambu
Charlie N.
Fantastic customer service and good food! 👍🏻
Anab Mohammed
Anab M.
very cozy place and peaceful serene with a la carte services.
فضل حميد
فضل ح.
Excellent food and service!Thank you John and Lucy for the warm welcome and service. Definitely recommend This place and love the ambiance and decor. 👍🏽
Safaa Juma
Safaa J.
The service here is so good. The food is delicious and the ambience is lovely ✨
Habiba Suleiman
Habiba S.
its amazing kind service and delicious meal
Mohamed Tagiya
Mohamed T.
Has been a well-known restaurant for good coffee, ice cream and good food for decades. Friendly service.
Peter Schwabe
Peter S.
The most consistent restaurant in terms of class and food quality...Its been amongst the top restaurants for a very long time!
M ALy Ahmed
M ALy A.
The service was absolutely lovely. The team hosted us very well. The food is well presented and tastes lovely.
Sukaina Al-Husseiny
Sukaina A.
The place is awesome. Excellent service and food. I enjoyed my Vanilla ice cream. A good meeting point at Mombasa CBD
Joseph Mwamburi
Joseph M.
Nice meals and good environment
Chris Mukui
Chris M.
Very interesting place to have a soft drinks
George Ouko
George O.
There service was as good as there food.
Rishad Naushad
Rishad N.
Very friendly staff. Food menu has great variety. Ambience is wonderful with well spaced dining areas. A must if you are looking for a relaxed meal if you are within Mombasa Island.
Fredrick K.N. Korir
Fredrick K.N. K.
I was so impressed by the banger and it was so tasty and sweet plus the waiters are very friendly.can't wait to go back for another one very soon
Rosebell W Gideon
Rosebell W G.
A welcome addition to the eatery scene. Excellent ambience and a new, refreshed menu offering an excellent variety for all. Kudos to the BR team.
Nailesh Bhatia
Nailesh B.
Great ambiance and decor. Food was excellent. Service was good too. Staff are very courteous and helpful
Azmina Amarshi
Azmina A.
A very nice place but needs to check on the prices.
Maet Ole Kores
Maet Ole K.
Very good and you keep on improving every day
Tysird Maawy
Tysird M.
ice cream ..brings me here..cassata...oh my oh my
Ulla Boga
Ulla B.
Great chips, decor is top notch
Immy Ali Bhimani UW
Immy Ali Bhimani U.
Updated Blue Room experience, enjoyed the ambiance and friendly staff. Servings could be a bit bigger
Dr Andrew Bombo
Dr Andrew B.

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