BR Rewards Program

Buy – Earn Points – Get Free Food / Drinks

Eating delicious food will never get more rewarding than this!

  • For every KES 50 you spend, you get 1 point.
  • You can redeem your points for various treats such as ice cream, pizzas, tea, burgers and more!
  • Get 50 points instantly – just for signing up!
  • Get a SURPRISE treat on your birthday!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


“I have forgotten my membership card address. What should I do?”

Below are some ways that you can retrieve your membership card url link:

1. Make a purchase and earn points with your mobile number. You will automatically receive an SMS with your membership card details.

2. Go to Then click on sign up for Rewards program. Enter your phone number as if you are signing up for the first time. Our system with recognize that you were a member and automatically send you an sms with your membership card details.

“Why do you need my phone number?”

The account is linked to your phone number. Your phone number is just your member ID. It’s easy to remember and look up, and it means you don’t need carry around!

“Why do you need my birth date?”

We only ask that you provide us with the month and date of your birthday. For example 13 th December. We don’t need the year! This is because on your birthday we will send you a surprise gift!

“Why do you need my email address?”

We require an email address so that we can communicate any details such as promotions, changes in terms and conditions and so on.

“I don’t need another rewards card to carry around.”

You don’t have to carry a card since it’s based on your phone number. It is only a link that you can access through the internet. We even have free WIFI at our locations where you can access your membership card.

“What happens if I don’t have my phone with me when I visit your restaurant?”

You can earn points by providing us your phone number, but you cannot redeem any rewards.

“Can I change my phone number?”

Yes, but you will be given a new BR Rewards card and your old one will be transferred to the new number. You can do this physically at our location.

“Does my account expire?”

If you do not earn any points in 6 months, your account expires and your points go down to zero.

“Can I earn points for take away or delivery orders?”

“Yes, mention your rewards card member number (your phone number) and we will make the entry for you, less the delivery charges.”

“Can I redeem points for delivery orders?”

No. You can only redeem points in person.

“What if I came yesterday and the SERVER forgot to enter my tel number to earn points? Can I earn them today?”

No. You need to ensure you check your BR Rewards card to ensure points have been credited to your account before you leave.

“What if I forgot to give my phone number and did not earn my points – can I still earn those points?”

No. You need to ensure you check your BR Rewards card to ensure points have been credited to your account before you leave.

“I came yesterday, earned points, but my balance did not go up?”

Please review your balance immediately after your purchase on your card. We cannot provide points for previous days.

“Can I redeem points at all locations?”

For now, you can only redeem points at Blue Room (Haile Selassie) and Grill House.

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